Akateko VST

Akateko is a multi effect VST with the main purpose of routing the incoming audio trough the signal processors altering the sound extensively. Filtering, waveshaping, extensive modulation capabilities and many effects. Offering total control of your sound.


Key features

  • Two Virtual Analog Filters
  • One Waveshaper
  • Two FX processors
  • Two Low Frequency Oscillators
  • Two Envelope Generators
  • One Step Sequencer
  • Modulation Matrix
  • MIDI


Two virtual analog Moog Ladder filters capable of self-oscillation. The filters can be configured to run in series or parallel. Three filter curves with a 12dB or 24dB roll-off and a separate overdrive control.



The non linear waveshaper adds additional harmonics to the signal, by mapping the incoming audio samples to the desired wave shape.

Up to eight shapes per preset and editable via the user interface. An individual shape can also be saved to the disk.

FX Processors

Two effect processors can be configured to run in series or parallel. The individual processors can be loaded with eight different effects to further enhance the sound.

Stereo Delay
Ping Pong Delay
LCR Delay
Stereo Flanger
Dimension Chrous
Hold Delay
Plate Reverb

Low Frequency Oscillators

Low frequency oscillators with drawable waveform. The frequency can be synced to the incoming tempo. Configurable as one-shot LFO that can be triggered by audio or MIDI.

Control start phase.
Pulse width.
Smooth waveforms.

Envelope Generators

Drawable multi segment quadratic envelope generator. Variable duration, assignable loop and sustain ranges. Triggered via incoming audio or MIDI messages.

Three options for traversing the curve in the specified loop and sustain ranges. The generator will loop the curve in a forward, reverse or back and forth direction.

Output;”forward, reverse, back and forth”.

Step Sequencer

Versatile Step Sequencer configurable in 8, 12, 16, 24 or 32 steps. Steps can be disabled or linked together. Linked steps will generate a curve based on the first and last value of the steps.

Glide between steps.
Adjustable curve.
Variable step length.

Modulation Matrix

Modulation matrix for connecting different parts of the audio engine.

XY Pad

XY Pad for controlling parameters in a two dimensional way. MIDI can be assigned to the axes and independently to the trigger.

The output values of the XY Pad are accessible via the matrix


Extensive MIDI capabilities where as the user interface parameters on the front panel can be bounded to a variety of MIDI messages. The messages can be bounded by initiating the MIDI learn functionality and turning the preferred knob of your controller. The “learned” MIDI bindings are added to the MIDI matrix and made available for further editing at the back panel.


First part original audio. Second part altered audio.

Guitar loop

Synth chords

Drum loop one

Drum loop two


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