GH Midi Controller

Custom MIDI Controller by modifying a Guitar Hero Controller. Fitted with ribbon controllers, pressure sensors, knobs, joystick and switches to send 7bit or 14bit MIDI via USB to your favorite DAW.

Key features

  • 2 Ribbon Controllers
  • 9 Knobs
  • 1 Joystick
  • 11 Switches
  • 2 Toggle Switches

  • 4 Scene Buttons
  • 7bit or 14bit MIDI
  • MIDI over USB
  • Power via USB
  • Editing Software

Analog Sensors

Ribbon Controllers

Ribbon Controllers give the user the possibility to create a glissando by sending out Pitch Bend MIDI in combination with Note On and Off messages. The Ribbon Controllers can also be configured to send out Control Change Messages.


Total of nine knobs which can be used to send out control change messages with the option of setting a minimal and maximum value. The resulting range is internally computed and mapped to the full movement of the knobs.

Pressure Sensors

Three pressure sensors to dynamically alter the parameters controlled, These sensors are able to send Note On and Off messages as well as velocity mlinked to the pressure applied to them and if that isn’t enough the sensors can be configured to send control change messages, all at the same time.


Finally a joystick with X and y axis which translates the position of the stick to corresponding Control Change Values. The individual minimal and maximal values for the X and Y axis can be set in the dedicated editing software.

“All sensors can be configured to send out 7bit or 14bit MIDI data”


Toggle Switch

Numerous switches with a variety of options; send out Note On and Off messages with predetermined static velocity, send out Control Change messages with separate On/Off values and Note Messages in combination with Control Change Messages.

The last option for the switches is to generate a ramp signal for Control Change values; by selecting start, hold, end target values, fade in and fade out time in the editing software. The fade parameters represent the time it takes to progress from the start value to the hold value and on release from the hold value to the end value. If the switch is released before the hold value is reached, a new trajectory is computed and the end value will be reached in the specified fade out time.

“All switches can be configured to send out 7bit or 14bit MIDI data”

Scene Buttons

Four scene buttons for recalling uploaded settings on the device.
With the added feature that; scenes can be configured to send out
program change data when the user switches between the scenes

Dedicated Software Editor

“Editor for configuring the parameters, uploading to the device and storing presets”



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